Shipping Information

We Provide Free Shipping to anywhere in the continental United States on all of our Auctions and products unless overtly expressed otherwise on the product page. Hawaii and Alaska pay a reduced shipping cost. We know shipping can be bothersome and expensive so we take on that hassle and make it easy for you to know what you pay upfront without any add-ons.

Over the last 30 years we have learned how to expertly ship Koi Fish in the safest and most efficient way possible. Because of our preliminary pre shipment processing, it will take at least 5-7 business days before we will ship the Koi Fish to your address.

Because of our pre-shipment process we are able to offer every shipment of Live Koi with a 48 hour health promise once we finish packing the fish.
If for any reason you have specification of how you want Koi Fish to be shipped, you will be waiving the 48 hour health promise that we provide and thus would receive no credit or refund if something were to happen within those 48 hours. If you have such specification please contact us through our contact page or with the order number and your specifications.

We recommend that you quarantine your new koi separate from your current koi when you receive the fish. Please read here to learn more about quarantine, why it is important and how to do it. 


Q: Must I be present when my koi arrives?

A: Yes it is important to be present for the Koi as it has been through a long and stressful journey. Further because of the extreme conditions the koi shipment process can be, if we don’t hear from you about you receiving your Koi order within 3 hours after delivery has been made you will have waived your 48 hour health promise. Simply visit our contact page or email to verify your order has arrived. 

Q: Can you hold onto my Koi for a period of time before shipping?

A: Yes we offer an up to 17 day holding period where we can keep your Koi before shipping if that is what you want. Simply visit our contact page and put in your order or auction number with the expressed intent to hold onto your fish. After the 17 days are up and the Koi is still under our care, we will no longer offer any return or credit if the Koi dies or falls ill or injured.

Q: Can you ship my Koi or order to the nearest UPS location?

A: Yes we can! Please contact us on the contact page or at with the auction or order number with the address of your desired UPS station.

Q: Do you ship to any other countries?

A: At this time we do not ship outside of the US.

Q: Can I return my Koi?

A: No, all Koi sales are final.

Q: Can I choose my Shipping Provider?

A: Sorry, No. We have a strong relationship with UPS and have had problems in the past with other companies. However you can choose to bypass the shipment process and Choose Air cargo pick up instead. This means we will drive the fish to the airport, put it on an airline and you will go to the airport you choose and pick it up (this is the safest method of shipping your Koi as it has no time on a road shipping route).

Q: I live near your retail location in Laguna Beach, Ca. Can I come by and pick up my Koi Fish

A: Yes of course! You can simply choose “Local Pick-up” on the checkout screen to come by and pick your product up, we
will have it ready for you.
Note: Please still do allow five business days for Koi Fish as we will put them through our quarantine process regardless.