Koi Health Promise
Our Koi Health Promise is a 48 hour warranty from the time of packaging your Koi Fish until it arrives at your door. It guarantees you a Healthy Koi Fish delivered to your address. Once the Koi arrives safely at your door, we no longer can guarantee the fish’s health for any period of time. Of course accidents and shipping problems are rare but sometimes do occur, so if you have experienced an error in shipping contact us ASAP for as long as we are notified early, we can help.
Please Note: Again the 48 hour health promise only applies from the time we ship it and stopping at the time it arrives to you. If your koi arrives at your door in 24 hours, we cannot allow you another 24.

You absolutely must be present at the time your Koi has arrived. Your new Koi has gone through a stressful trip and needs to be relieved of the packaging as soon as possible. If you are not present at the time of delivery, you waive your Koi Health Promise and we will not be able to refund or credit you in any way if the Koi is damaged or has died.

If tragically your new Koi arrives dead you must either take a picture of the Koi with it’s tail removed or you must send us a video at least 30 seconds long of the Koi out of water. This our way of confirming that the Koi did not arrive safely and allows us to use our shipping insurance to be reimbursed for the Koi and allows the customers a full refund or store credit.

Exceptions to the Koi Health Promise
1. You have specific requests of how the Koi is to be shipped.
2. You opt to utilize the optional up to 17 day holding period but go over that amount. (if we hold it for 18 days the promise is waived and we are no longer liable for any injury or death).
3. You or someone familiar with Koi is not present at the time of the delivery to your stated address. In such a case we cannot offer any refund or credit.

Koi Quarantine
It is essentially paramount for a Koi owner to quarantine a new Koi before introducing it to your current pond for the safety of the current fish and the new fish. Your newly purchased Koi Fish could possibly be carrying parasites or bacteria that your other Koi are not familiar with and could as such damage. On top of that your Koi is extremely stressed during its trip and is more susceptible to illness than ever.

We at Koibids highly recommend that everyone that participates in these auctions know how to quarantine a new Koi.

Supplies you will need

  • Tank
  • Net to cover the tank
  • Small filter and pump
  • Air pump
  • Heater
  • Salt
  • Water thermometer
  • Test kit: ammonia, nitrite, pH and salt
  • A Water Conditioner

Before you Koi Arrives:
You will need to use a separate tank anywhere from 100-300 gallons depending on the size of the Koi. A large blue show tank will do fine. 
Fill the tank with chlorinated water or water from your existing pond (preferred assuming it is in good condition). 

Keep the water temperature at around 72 F. 

A separate filtration system is optimal but if you do not have such a system, then an air pump will do to oxygenate the water.

Add salt for a concentration of 0.3%.

When your Koi Arrives:
Make sure to watch the Koi carefully for up to 3 weeks, ideally more than 2 to see if it develops any problems. Watch its habits to see if it eats, is lethargic or has any concerning growths or sores. 

Be sure to feed your Koi digestible food every day. 

Check your ammonia, nitrite, and salt levels regularly. If you find too much ammonia use an appropriate water conditioner. 

If you elected for an air pump instead of a filtration system in the separate tank, make a partial water change every 2 days. Be sure to add salt accordingly to retain 0.3%. 

Note: If you haven’t introduced a new Koi to your pond in over a year then after the Quarantine process of 3 weeks, it is best to then introduce one of your current Koi to the new tank with the new Koi for a few days and monitor closely. This is because your Pond may have a very unique eco system and the new koi may need to be ushered in.